During Alpha we are offering a free Starter plan with generous limits to further train our engine and gather user feedback.


Using automated A/B testing, Neru determines which variations of each page perform best. Automatically for every page of your site.
Are you frustrated with the time and effort it takes to create unique targeting for each page on your website? Neru can help you quickly and easily target your visitors on all of your pages in just seconds. Using automated A/B testing, Neru determines which variations of each page perform best.
Based on the context of the page, Neru generates multiple variations of the desired element, which can be anything ranging from CTA's or pop-ups to in-content blocks. Whether a site discusses an extreme large variety of topics or close knit ones, Neru knows exactly what kind of variations to generate and test.


pages Neru is able to scale automated experiments for
Limits differ per plan


Average increase in conversion rate on overlooked pages

Automated A/B testing for every single page

Automated testing helps to identify the most effective performers by eliminating those who do not meet the required standards, while allowing the top performers to continue receiving tasks. As more data is collected, Neru can accurately determine and prioritize the best performers for future assignments.

Relevance > Generic

Neru's understanding of the context of a webpage is crucial for the performance of the engine. By using GPT-3 and its own learning mechanism, Neru is able to generate highly effective creative content by converting its knowledge into practical use.

Neru never stops learning

By understanding the context of pages and the relationship between different pages of a site, Neru is able to not only get started testing variations right away, but also improve and become more skilled at it over time.

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