During Alpha we are offering a free Starter plan with generous limits to further train our engine and gather user feedback.


Neru's understanding of the context of a webpage is crucial for the performance of the engine. By using GPT-3 and its own learning mechanism, Neru is able to generate highly effective creative content by converting its knowledge into practical use.
Personalized targeting is more effective than generic targeting because it is tailored to the specific needs and interests of the individual viewer. This can be achieved through targeted calls-to-action or images that are relevant to the topic of the page.
Generic targeting, on the other hand, uses the same approach for all viewers regardless of their unique characteristics. As a result, personalized targeting is more successful in capturing the attention and engagement of the audience. And that's exactly what Neru aims to do.

Relevant triggers consistently produce better results than generic ones

Visitors are more likely to interact with relevant content
The bounce rate is likely to decrease due to pop-ups because relevant offers are less irritating
Visitors are more likely to convert because the displayed content is relevant to their intent

Only winners remain

Automated testing helps to identify the most effective performers by eliminating those who do not meet the required standards, while allowing the top performers to continue receiving tasks. As more data is collected, Neru can accurately determine and prioritize the best performers for future assignments.

Neru never stops learning

With every new page Neru better understands what variations for what topics perform best. In order to see the most optimal results, we advise to give Neru its time to feed its learning mechanism.

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