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ConvertCalculator leveraged Neru's powerful engine to increase conversion rates on its site
Key Improvements


Increase in sitewide conversion rates


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How ConvertCalculator collects more signups through Neru

Within SaaS, it is not uncommon to build a large number of sales pages focused on unique features and use cases. This strategy is recommended for both SEO and conversion. A homepage is unable to go far into specific features or use cases. The idea behind Neru is very similar to this strategy, but on an even larger scale.

For ConvertCalculator, which has more than a hundred unique pages, it is impractical to come up with and test multiple call-to-actions for each page. Although there is a relevant call-to-action for most pages, the example below perfectly illustrates that as a human, you have limited creativity.

A simple goal

Almost every user of the Neru Engine has the same goal: to increase conversions through a higher conversion rate. ConvertCalculator is no different. With pricing above $100 per month, signups are valuable to the Rotterdam-based company.

An increase of a few dozen percent in conversion rate can result in a substantial improvement in absolute numbers given the current visitor numbers.

In the case of ConvertCalculator, which already had relevant call-to-actions on a large portion of its pages, the goal was to generate and test even better content for the call-to-actions. By using more relevant content in the call-to-actions to better answer visitors' intent, conversions should increase.

Setting up Neru took less than a minute

ConvertCalculator utilizes a straightforward setup for call-to-actions, so integrating Neru was a matter of seconds. As shown below, the following new page-context-based variations were immediately visible after integration.

Unsurprisingly, the above variations provided new impetus. New variations were tested per visit, as well as for the more than another hundred pages on which ConvertCalculator receives potential customers every day.

Another prime example of Neru's power is visible when looking through some of the variations that have been tested as the best-performing for ConvertCalculator's page on Product Configurators.

Sitewide increase in conversion rates and conversions

With implementation on more than a hundred pages, ConvertCalculator collects more leads on each of the pages on which the Neru Engine is active as the conversion rate on each page has increased.

On average, a 50-75% improvement is measurable. On some pages, the improvements run as high as 750% compared to the old version.

“We knew we missed out on conversions, but not this much”

11x more conversions through contextual relevance

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