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“We knew we missed out on conversions, but not this much”

11x more conversions through contextual relevance
Key Improvements


More conversions in non-generic pages.


Sitewide increase in conversions.

11x more conversions through contextual relevance

Makeover is a popular Dutch blog about interior design and decoration, attracting over 1.5 million visitors annually with its 850 blogs. However, the diverse range of topics covered by Makeover, from wall paint colors to baby shower gift ideas, has made it difficult for the blog to effectively build an email list.

For a long time, Makeover used a generic pop-up to collect email addresses, but the conversion rate was low. Despite the high number of visitors, Makeover realized that pop-ups with interior-related content only converted well on interior-related pages.

Pop-ups with irrelevant content were annoying to visitors and had a low conversion rate on non-interior pages.

This is where Rozua comes in - the platform allows Makeover to display relevant pop-ups and in-content opt-ins on all its pages, ensuring that readers of a blog about "Baby Room Inspiration" see different pop-ups than those reading about "The Cutest Christmas Gifts" or "Tips for Cleaning Your Oven."

The initial setup

Basic example of how Neru creates dynamic creatives

As a blog, Makeover only used two type of opt-ins on its site: in-content blocks and pop-ups. That's also why Makeover decided to, at first, only test the Rozua engine for pop-ups. The current setup at Makeover was basic, which is great since it makes integrating with Neru much easier. As shown above, the most commonly used pop-up by Makeover has four distinct elements:

  • A short tagline ($varShortTagline)
  • Main tagline ($varTitle)
  • Button ($varButton)
  • Long bonus tagline ($varLongTagline)

First run

Makeover utilized the Neru engine to generate and experiment with unique combinations of the four aforementioned variables. Initially, Makeover integrated Neru only with its top-performing blog, "Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas". Through this integration, Neru tested 200 different variations and identified the following as the most effective:

Best performing variations generated for Makeover's blog about Bedroom Inspiration

After conducting initial testing, Makeover saw a significant boost in conversions for the tested article. Makeover was so friendly to use our dashboard to track the performance of the generic creative it used for over a year. This showed that the version deployed by Rozua outperformed the previous version by 78%. Specifically, Makeover now collects 1525 subscribers per month from this article, a significant increase from the previous 857 subscribers.

Sitewide deploy of Neru

Following the success of the initial launch at Makeover's most popular article, the company decided to integrate the Rozua engine on every page of its blog. To accomplish this, Rozua had to generate and test a staggering 100,000 variations. Some of the best performing variations for some completely different topics within Makeover's blog are:

Visuals of the best performing variations for its six most popular blogs

As previously mentioned, Makeover has seen a 78% increase in conversion rate for its most popular page on bedroom inspiration and ideas. However, it is worth noting that the impact of highly relevant creatives on pages with no relation to the old creative can be even greater. In fact, Makeover saw improvements of up to 5,900% on blogs unrelated to home and decor. This demonstrates the importance of using highly relevant creatives for all pages, not just those with a pre-existing connection to the topic.

From 5 subscribers a month up to 300

Let's take Makeover's blog about 'Fun Theme Party Ideas' as an example. Until recently, readers of the blog were shown only the generic creative about interior design. Therefore, it is not surprising that Makeover only got five new subscribers per month through this blog.

After integrating Makeover with Neru, the Makeover blog about "Fun Theme Party Ideas" started collecting 300 leads per month, up from only five. Examples like this were no longer uncommon. Throughout Makeover, there are now hundreds of pages showing similar increases.

“We knew we missed out on conversions, but not this much”

11x more conversions through contextual relevance

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