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Convertbox Integration

Neru works seamlessly with Convertbox

Neru works seamlessly with Convertbox, whether you're planning to use Convertbox for pop-ups or in-content CTA's.

You can keep using Convertbox's own header script integration and embed Neru from Convertbox's or integrate Neru from your own CMS by adding Neru data-attributes to your Convertbox HTML-embed. We'll explain both types of integrations below.

Let's take a look at how to activate Neru when you want to display pop-ups with Convertbox.

Create a blank-pop up or remove the elements from your current pop-up that you want to make dynamic. Currently, there are three different elements you can use Neru for: the CTA-Title, Description and Button.

Next, add HTML-embeds for the elements that should be dynamic (e.g  CTA-Title, Description and Button).

First, we'll add the Neru script ánd after that, the CTA-title follows.

In this case, the code looks like this:


Ontdek de nieuwste trends en deals van dit moment

For the CTA-description, we only have to add the following code (don't forgot to change the core version to your current generic version):

Now, we only have to add the button and, if necessary, you can also add your form here. If you use the built-in ConvertBox form, you can keep using those. Don't forget to create a seperate element for the form fields, HTML-forms are not necessary. The code we used for the button, looks like this:

That's all! Select the pages you want to display your Convertbox on and visit them to check if your Neru x Convertbox integration is working properly.

Convertbox in-content blocks

If you're planning on using in-content blocks through HTML-embeds, integrating Neru with Convertbox is just as easy.

  1. Add the Neru script to your <head> tags
  2. Add the Neru data-attributes to your embed (explained here)
  3. And you're set!

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