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Running the Neru Engine (Custom Integration)

Connect the Neru Engine with your current custom setup

The following setup has been written for websites that do not rely on another tool to create call-to-actions or pop-ups and are able to edit the HTML-element their CTA or Pop-up relies on. If you want to integrate Neru with a third party tool, check all current available integrations here

If you have correctly installed the Neru Engine script as discussed in the previous step, it's time to connect Neru to the element you want Neru to generate and test for.

Currently, the only way to do this is by adding a data-attribute to the HTML of your pop-up or call-to-action.

If you use custom sitewide blocks for call-to-actions or pop-ups, it will probably look similar to this:

In order to connect the Neru Engine to the element above, you only have to add the follow data-attributes (read more about the different data-attributes here):

Title: data-neru data-type="cta-title"

Description (Long Tagline): data-neru data-type="cta-description"

Button: data-neru data-action="true" data-intent="newletter-signup" (see our page on data-attributes for all the different intents you can pick) data-language should be added if you want the output to be any language other than English

Based on the previous sample code, integrating a Neru element should look something like this:

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