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Webflow Integration

Neru works seamlessly with Webflow

Neru works seamlessly with Webflow, especially when you don't use third party apps to create call-to-actions or pop-ups.

If you do use third party apps for your Webflow site-embeds for call-to-actions or pop-ups, we recommend that you contact support.

Let's take a look at how to activate Neru for Webflow sites.

Note: First place the Neru script in your header, as explained here

The example below should look like a call-to-action you may encounter on a Webflow site:

We are going to use the following data-attributes for your call-to-action (or pop-up) block:

Read here everything about the different data attributes so that you can get the most out of Neru

Basically, the HTML is going to look like this:

Fortunately, Webflow has an easy solution for doing this. We only have to add the data-attributes mentioned above to the specific classes.

Let's start with your Title. Click on the Settings Cog that pop-ups when you hover over your header. Next, click on 'Show All Settings'.

Now, a new menu in your right sidebar should appear. The active tab should be the Settings Tab (with the cog icon). Scroll down to 'Custom Attributes'.

To add your first data-attribute, click on the '+' symbol and enter 'data-neru' in the field. Leave the value blank.

Add the second data-attribute (data-type) to your CTA-description (if applicable) and submit it along with the other data-attributes as instructed.

You've probably seen that there are more than two data-attributes for the button. You can submit the data-attributes as shown below.

That's it! Publish your site and visit the page where the Neru script and a block with the correct data-attributes is active in your incognito browser to test if Neru works correctly.

No one likes reading docs.
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