Ideal for large blogs with a variety of subjects

With Neru, you can easily avoid the issue of promoting mountainbike excursions on blogs about cruises. Through contextual semantics and generative AI Neru ensures that the appropriate creatives are displayed on the relevant pages. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually selecting and placing the correct call-to-action on the correct pages.


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We cannot guarantee that Neru will give you similar results. But we're damn convinced it will.

Here’s how Neru helps Bloggers

Generate leads on every page, regardless of the topic

Neru generates, implements and tests multiple highly relevant variations for every page of your site based on the context of a specific page.

Segment and direct your leads to the right funnel

Route your leads to the appropriate sales funnel with parameters through your current or custom setup (e.g. SendInBlue, ConvertFlow).

Automated testing for optimal results

Using automated A/B testing, Neru determines which variations of each page perform best. Automatically for every page of your site.

Neru never stops learning

With every new page Neru better understands what variations for what topics perform best. In order to see the most optimal results, we advise to give Neru its time to feed its learning mechanism.

“We knew we missed out on conversions, but not this much”

Demian Beenakker
Owner of

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