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Boost your conversions through personalization,
at scale.

Boost your conversions through relevant and personalized creatives, at scale.

Instantly boost the conversion rates of your website's call-to-actions and pop-ups by automatically contextualizing their content on thousands of pages using generative AI and automated experiments.

Relevance trumps generality

Neru instantly generates and tests thousands of variations for every page of your website.

Automated A/B testing

Winners get more visibility through automated experiments.

Highly detailed insights

Discover where Neru impacts your business most.

Save time,
boost engagement,
& grow conversions

Neru generates and tests multiple highly relevant variations for every page of your site based on the context of a specific page, resulting in higher engagement and more conversions.

Instantly, on every page of your site

Are you frustrated with the time and effort it takes to create unique targeting for each page on your website? Neru can help you quickly and easily target your visitors on all of your pages in just seconds.

Optimal results through automated experiments

Using automated A/B testing, Neru determines which variations of each page perform best. As more data is collected, Neru can accurately determine and prioritize the best performers. Automatically for every page of your site.
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Neru won't let you down

Neru is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, including blogs with thousands of pages, directories, e-commerce, and software companies. Give Neru a try for free and see the impact it can have on your business.
Display unique creatives on every page of your website
Address user intent with highly relevant call-to-actions
Increase conversions rates by tenfold throughout your site

A few lines of code and you're set

Neru operates as a layer on top of your existing setup and integrates seamlessly with your current setup, including popular software like MailChimp, AWeber, and HubSpot, as well as any custom solutions you may have.

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